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This is the cover of the "Four Color" comic book (issue No.1085) released by Dell on March 1, 1960, so just before the opening of the film. The story, drawn by Alex Toth, is not an adaptation of the novel by H. G. Wells but repeats the script of the film, and this booklet was participating in its promo­tion. Toth worked from the scenario and had not seen probably the rushes since his drawings of the time ma­chine vehicle itself, among other details, don't look like the famous prop of the film. Unnumbered promotional color images #4 and #20 are reproduced on this cover.

Five b&w stills are reproduced on page 2 (inner cover) of the book. Among them, two are unique: the unnumbered stills #3 and #11 . On the back cover we find unnumbered still #26, also never reproduced elsewhere.

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