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Publicity and Set Stills of the 1755th MGM's Release

Welcome to Morcki's inventory of George Pal's "The Time Machine" publicity and set stills. These pages are dedicated to present the full series of the B&W photographs used as promotional material when the movie was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1960. You will also find some beautiful images used for technical purposes. The author of all the photographs presented in this website is named Frank Shugrue.

Morcki 's inventory

The photographs are sorted in 5 groups. The first is the most important of all and it brings together all the official promotional images that we could find. The common point in all these images is to show a reference number starting with 1755 (the production number at MGM) followed by the photo number. The series is still incomplete since five images are missing to date and we don't know if the set ends at number 95. In the second group, complementary to the first, are the unidentified images which seem to belong to the main series, but on which the reference does not appear. Either the five missing images are among these ones, or their reference exceeds the number 95 or even they are part of another series that we don't know (a strange series "R" perhaps). The last three pages are dedicated to the various images relating to the film: the photos of the actors off the stage, the technical photographs used as set refe­rences (all from Don Coleman's collection of original stills), and finally those showing the miniature sets.

The images have a color dot next to their number. Each color corresponds to the quality of reproduction of the image that we could find. White: very good; yellow: fair; orange: poor; red: bad. As for the bonus page, you will see that it's about the film... in another way.

Of course, we wondered who the author of all these photos is. Thanks to Mr. Don Coleman we have learned that the letters "SHUG", which appear on some versions of the set reference photos, are in fact the shortened version of the name of the still photographer Frank Shugrue (1910-1995) who worked on numerous MGM movies and yet, as it was customary at the time, was hardly ever credited for his work. Besides these set continuity images, he also used to produce scene stills and publicity portraits of actors.

We've assumed that, since all the set reference images were made by Frank Shugrue, he was most likely the appointed photographer for the entire film. We are now sure that he is also the author of the photos taken during the shooting (the scene stills) as well as the advertising photos. There was indeed no reason that another photographer was working at the same time as him on the film, since it was a rather low budget production. As for the off-camera photos of the actors, it is very probable that he was still the one who took them, although press photographers may occasionally have taken a few of the pictures. Since the release of the film in 1960 and during all these decades, no one had found it necessary to identify the photographer, of which so many collectors still seek today what became cult images. We do not claim to have discovered Frank Shugrue, but we are happy to have helped out his name from oblivion. He is now starting to be finally recognized and mentioned by a few passionate cinema connoisseurs.

We were lucky enough to track down some of Frank Shugrue's family and they kindly helped us. This is how we would like to thank two of Frank's grand­children. First, David Shugrue, thanks to whom we were able to start our investigation and whose initial help was so useful to us afterward. Then we would like to warmly thank his sister, Nicole Scalise, who patiently gave us her time, made us discover photos belonging to her family, and whose help was crucial for shedding light on certain periods of Frank's life and reconstructing his personal and professional journey.

The photographs presented on this website come in part from our collection of original prints or reprints, and loans from friend collectors. Some photos have been found in books or magazines as they were used as illustrations and we scanned them. But fantastic progress has only been made possible by the invaluable contribution of the Don Coleman Collection who have joined us in expanding and increasing this inventory significantly.

Most of the other images have been found on Internet and we would like to cite some important references. First, and foremost, The Time Machine Project website, which has been an essential source of information since our inception and has inspired us immensely. Also worth mentioning are Sandra Petojevic's very well-documented website, the Internet Archive, and the collections of the Academy of Motion Pictures (A.M.P.A.S.). We likewise found some precious information in the monstrously wonderful magazines published by the late Forest J. Ackerman.

As this website does not pursue any commercial purpose and does not benefit from any advertising revenue, you may find it strange we wish to mention here the Coyotechrist store run by James Chris­tensen. Though, this film, art, and history enthusiast brought us so unexpected help, allowing us to complete some forgotten parts of Frank Shugrue's career, that we want to thank him and to recommend you a visit to his shop: it is a treasure island for collectors.

Finally, through this collection, we want to pay homage to the memory of George Pal and Rod Taylor, and we take the occasion to send our best thoughts to Ms. Yvette Mimieux to whom we dedicate these pages.

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Publicity and Set Stills

of the 1755th MGM's Release

Publicity and Set Stills
of the 1755th MGM's Release