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The Other "Shug" Stills

As the name of a still photographer never appeared in the credits of films of this era, when we tried to find out who was the author of the set photos of The Time Machine movie, we only had one line of inquiry: the set photos on which the letters SHUG appear. It was thanks to a post on the forum about photos from the filming of Forbidden Planet that we learned that these four letters were a code designating photographer Frank Shugrue. From there, we researched his name and at the same time searched for other such images and discovered many of the films Shugrue worked on while under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Unlike other major studios, M.G.M. used to put this black banner on production photos that read the date of shooting, the production number of the film, and the name of the photographer.

Without the methodical organization of M.G.M., we would not have been able to find Shugrue's participation in the films that we show you here. These photos were a very valuable way of restoring part of the photographer's career.

Set continuity still (December 1947) of a decor from Big City (1948) M.G.M. Prod. #1417

Set still (August 1949) for The Big Hang­over (1950) M.G.M. Prod. #1470

Set still for Two Weeks with Love (1950) M.G.M. Prod. #1491

A street of Montmartre built in Culver City. Set still for An American in Paris (1951)  M.G.M. Prod. #1507

Behind-the-scenes publicity photo of Leslie Caron and makeup artist John Truwe for An American in Paris (1951)  M.G.M. Prod. #1507

Set still (February 1951) for The Law and the Lady (1951) M.G.M. Prod. #1531

Scara­mouche (1952): set still (November 1951) of a mansion in the Paris of the 18th century. M.G.M. Prod. #1533 (image is from Phantom of the Backlots)

Set reference still (December 1951) for Because You're Mine (1952) M.G.M. Prod. #1553

Wardrobe reference photo­graph of Walter Pidgeon in  Scandal at Scourie (1952) M.G.M. Prod. #1591

Set still (October 1952)  Young Bess (1953) M.G.M. Prod. #1604

Set still (January 1953)  All the Brothers were Valliant (1953) M.G.M. Prod. #1614

Hair dress reference (April 1954) of Esther Williams in Jupiter's Darling (1955) M.G.M. Prod. #1652

Set still (October 1954)  It's Always Fair Weather (1955) M.G.M. Prod. #1663

Set still (April 1955) of the spaceship in the Alterian desert of  Forbidden Planet (1956) M.G.M. Prod. #1671

Wardrobe reference photo­graph for Anne Francis in the role of Alta (April 1955) Forbidden Planet (1956)

Behind-the-scenes photograph­ (April 1955) For­bidden Planet (1956)

Set continuity still (May 1955) of Dr Morbius' House in Forbidden Planet (1956)

Set still (May 1955) of Robby the Robot when making whiskey bottles in Forbidden Planet (1956)

A Londonian street in Gaby (1956) M.G.M. Prod. #1683. This image is from Phantom of the Backlots)

Behind-the-scenes production photo­graph (April 1957) of Robert Wise and Piper Laurie when filming Until They Sail (1957) M.G.M. Prod. #1712

An undated (late 1959) scene still with Robert Wagner and Susan Khoner in All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) which has been used as a publicity photo. M.G.M. Prod. #1764

Wardrobe reference photo­graph (August 1960) for Gina Lollobrigida in the role of Julie in Go Naked in the World (1960) M.G.M. Prod. #1766

Production photo­graph (July 1963) of Glenn Ford and director George Marshall during the filming of Advance to the Rear (1964) M.G.M. Prod. #1810

Wardrobe test photo­graph (September 1963) of Elvis Presley in Viva Las Vegas (1964) M.G.M. Prod. #1812

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The Other "Shug" Stills