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Frank Shugrue at Work (on Raintree County)

Late spring 1956, on the set of Edward Dmytryk's Raintree County. On the far right of this production photo taken by another "Still Man", we can see Frank Shugrue at work. Thanks to Mrs. Nicole Scalise, his granddaughter, we have been able to identify him. And here's below one of the stills he shot on this scene...

... Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift on this scene photograph made for the promotion of the 1692nd M.G.M. release, and found with the help of Mr. Don Coleman.

During filming, Frank was also taking photos used for wardrobe references. Dressed in his street clothes, Monty has nothing to do here, but he's come to chat with his best friend.

Taken the same day, here's a makeup refe­rence photo of Susanna's character for the same scene.

Another wardrobe reference photo and a rare color picture of the related scene (below).


Fortunately, there could be moments of relaxation in a hard day's work...

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Frank Shugrue at Work
(on Raintree County)