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We couldn't find any photo showing the reference "1755-2"

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It's really strange that after long months of research, we still haven't been able to identify the second image of the main promotional series. Since we couldn't find any photographs with this major reference, we have to consider the possibility that the image in question is simply Reynold Brown's artwork for one of the film posters. The B&W photo of this painting is one of the most popular re­presentation of the movie and has often been used as promotional material or reproduced in books and magazines such as on the cover of this British professional periodical (Kinema­tograph Weekly, #2758, Vol. 519, August 11, 1960).

Below are two versions of the painting photo­graphed in black and white. These photos have references starting with the letters "LM", which was the case at M.G.M. for all graphic works (drawings, paintings…), and these two letters could stand for "Local Manufature".

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