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Unreferenced image No. 2

It wasn't easy to find the reference of this image. At the beginning of our research, we found it only in very small sizes and bad quality reproductions. We saw it first in the US press book (above). It has been cut out but it is very close to images No. 1755-5 and 1755-14.

There is also a small uncropped repro­duction of it in the M.G.M. promotional campaign book of 1960-61.

Later, we found this small uncut-out image on a vintage Japanese brochure (see above a nice copy from the Don Coleman Collec­tion), thinking we would never find something better than that...

... until we came across this picture on a web page showing past sales on auction websites. And very recently, thanks to the British Film Institute, we have learn that this image is photo #1755-13.

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